this is the way to my body
a garden until taken
in the waves

my small body
becomes like a kite in air  

my small body

when i am taken in the waves
and crushed in the foam 

my small body 

could beat the shit out of yours my 
small body of lies and misgivings 

my small body 

itching to be scratched, if fleetingly 

i wrote a poem 2day

Small Body


She towels herself off,
starting at her
wavy brown hair. 

I admire
the delicate way
she moves

from hair to breasts.
I say nothing,
as if a word

could disrupt beauty,
the sheer ease
of the towel 

being draped
across her back,
arms outstretched

like a silver jay.
Birds are
itching to soar.

I’m an anchor
weighing her down.
Can’t tell her

this. I don’t
want to ruin
a good thing.

So I stay
in her small body  

of water,
quietly flailing as though 
treading it.

that was a lie, you guys. it isn’t true at all. it was a fallacy. 

don’t punk out because no one love you. keep at it ‘til you love you. seems okay to me.